Wednesday, September 24, 2014

first day of school and Leo's birthday

Here's the first day of school - Leo and Benjamin were both sick and couldn't go to school. They were so sad!! So, here's just Ruth and Joseph on the first day. Ruth started 2nd grade and Joseph started kindergarten! 

Leo's birthday was also that day - he stayed home and rested. 
My big 9 year old boy!!
My sweet parents came up for Leo's birthday - he was feeling better by nighttime, so we all went out to his favorite Mexican restaurant for a birthday dinner. They gave Leo a golden throne to sit on! He was thrilled!

a little picture collage of our family birthday party that night for Leo.

Thankfully, Benjamin and Leo were well enough to go to school the second day. They started 4th and 5th grade. They are getting so big! What handsome boys... :)

There they all are!! I can't believe I have four children in school now! 
It's just me and Robby during the day now - so quiet!!

Here's last year's first day photo!I can't believe how much they've changed!

And here's Joseph last year - he wore the same shirt! haha!

It was wonderful having my parents up for a visit. We had such a nice time!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

mug swap 2014

I had so much fun participating in Kim's Mug Swap 2014! (If you'd like to read about my mug swap experience last year, click here.) It's such a great way to meet new people and also bless someone in the process!

This year my partner was Ashley. She loves Africa, missions, Jesus, bright colors, and sunflowers. :) So, I prayed that God would lead me to just the right mug and other goodies to encourage her and make her smile! I was so excited to find this gorgeous mug because it was handcrafted in Tunisia, off the northern coast of Africa. I also found that great journal with a map of the world on it! There's also chocolate, coffee, tea, and some cute sunflower stickers! 

And I made Ashley this necklace, too - just because :)

And this is what I got from my partner Amber! Look at that gorgeous mug!! I love it so much. 

She really outdid herself! So many wonderful things! Jewelry she made with beads from Africa, super cute tea towels, an adorable cherry printed reusable shopping bag, chocolate, fun straws, ribbon, and even suckers for the kids!

Happy girl with my new mug!! :) 

live. love. laugh.


All in all, the mug swap was a wonderful experience!!

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Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day SALE in the shop!

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Happy Shopping!!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

imprinted only by force and purpose...

I mailed off this custom necklace yesterday. A man named David had me make it for his wife. It is stamped with Ruach Hakodesh, which means "Holy Spirit" in Hebrew. He sent me the email below after I emailed him the photo. (I asked permission first to share this) His words totally blew me away and gave me an entirely new perspective on what I do everyday. Praise God!!

"I have always loved the Hebrew script - and to have it hammered into metal is such a picture of how the word of God should have its imprint upon our hearts. He is set as a seal upon our hearts... Like the signet of the King imprinted upon the wax seal of the document, the promise endorsed and enforced by the King Himself.  But so often, our hearts are not as softened, or as warm as fresh wax...often more like metal...imprinted only by force and purpose. As if the purpose of God is so relentless, that even hardened hearts can be made His. As if He has replaced the harsh and terrible clang of Calvary's hammer with the soft tapping of His Spirit upon our hearts...with the tapping of your tools upon metal revealing His ancient Word..."



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