Friday, January 23, 2015

He sees you

I've been thinking a lot tonight about the power of the hidden place. For years, I dreamed of singing on big stages and doing big things for God as a worship leader. Things changed when I started having kids. I stepped off the stage and into a home with diapers and baby food and Legos and endless laundry and dirty dishes. So often, I would cry in my kitchen as I swept the floor. I would get on my knees on the hard linoleum. And I would ask God why I never got to do the things in my dreams. And He began to do a work in my heart. He began to show me the power of the hidden place; the beauty of invisibility. The multitudes may not know my name, but HE knows my name. I may not have a microphone, but I have the ear of the King. He bends down low to hear the songs in my mouth. Every melody, every cry, every prayer - He is captivated. And He is listening. And my songs and prayers are doing something in the spiritual realm. >> So I say to you out there who are reading this - there is POWER in your worship and intercession in the secret hidden place. Your Audience of One is listening. You have stirred His heart to move and act. Do not despise your invisibility. HE SEES YOU!


  1. Anonymous2:17 PM

    Hello Lora : )
    I enjoy following you on twitter and your blog and you had talked about not being able to keep up with your house work, etc. I thought of you when I came across this and thought I'd share. Have a blessed day!

  2. Hi Lora, I have been following your blog for years but I'm not sure I have ever commented. I miss your post and hope you are doing better. This past year I was diagnosed with a low thyroid and adrenal burn out. I felt awful and emotional. I have been doing treatment for it for about nine months and am feeling better. I'm not sure what you are struggling with but I just wanted you to know you are not alone and I am praying for you. Jesus does love you and is mindful of you. I have four children, and a blog,



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