Monday, May 12, 2014

a fancy tea party for ruth

My sweet Ruth's 7th birthday is today! I decided to throw her a fancy tea party for her and her little friends for her birthday party. It was last Friday. I thoroughly enjoyed all the planning and decorating! It was so much fun.  And the weather was just beautiful. We had it out in the backyard under the trees. Ruth was beside herself with joy - she loved every minute of it! Here's some photos!!

My mom sent her this darling "party dress" (as Ruth likes to call it) and cute headband to wear to the party. Doesn't she look beautiful?!

I commissioned my friend Melissa to make sweet little ribbon hairbows for all of the girls for their party favors. Ruth wrote the little sign. :)

I went to the thrift store to find vintage china and linens. And I bought vintage sheets and turned them into tablecloths and napkins. I used glass jelly jars for the lemonade. 

doesn't everything look so yummy?!

my neighbor and beloved babysitter, Joelle, made these amazing cupcakes, as well as scones and jelly thumbprint cookies! And she was a huge help to me decorating before the party, too.

the girls were so cute. they came in their party dresses and hats. they were trying so hard to be little ladies!

I could not have done it without Clint! He was an amazing help! 

it was quite a chore keeping this one away from the cupcakes! haha :)

I brought out all of Ruth's dress up clothes and put the treasure chest on the lawn. 
The girls had fun playing dress up. :)

musical chairs!

It was starting to get hot outside, so my dear sweet Clint held this patio umbrella over the girls so they could finish their tea in the shade. He's amazing!

the happy birthday girl!

the girls lined up and took turns peeking in our birdhouse to see some baby birds! :)

I set up a little backdrop for the girls so I could take their individual portraits. I emailed the photos to each mom after the party. Here's the entire group of girls :)

my beautiful Isabella Ruth. I love her so.


  1. Hannah8:38 AM

    Dear Lora, this looks like so much fun! You did a great job! Thanks for sharing! This gives me so much inspiration :)

  2. Oh Lora, these pictures are amazing! What a fantastic party. I cannot wait to have something like this for our girls.

  3. I love this party! So perfect!

  4. You made magic! I am sincerely impressed with all the beauty and attention to detail. I'm sure Ruth will never forget it!



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