Thursday, February 13, 2014

snowed in again!

Winter Storm Pax came to us on Tuesday morning, and we have been snowed in since. The last time I checked, we had over 6 inches of snow. We have never seen anything like this before!

Yesterday, Clint took the boys on a sledding adventure on a big hill behind our house. It was bitterly cold with sleeting rain. They are tough guys! :)
happy boy

off they go, leaving their footprints in the snow!

after they came inside from their adventure, leo was shivering on the couch. i came over to him and held him like this. he said, "thank you so much, mom! that's just what i wanted!" 

daddy and ruth :)

i read by the fire in my flannel pajamas

and worked on a patchwork baby quilt

and sewed some little heart appliques on the quilt once i pieced it all together

and handstitched some holes together in my favorite vintage crocheted blanket 

a thick blanket of snow in the backyard

we have stayed in our pajamas for days

and built forts

and read some more books by the fire

and clint built a snowman :)

beautiful ruth in the snow

brothers and friends


  1. Yeah for snow days! Beautiful snow and such a cozy home. :) Gorgeous little quilt you're making . . . don't you think sewing on snow days is just about heaven? Love you!

  2. I love your post about snow and pyjama days. Here in Holland we have no snow this year.



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