Tuesday, January 21, 2014

maker collective

I had a really special night on Saturday! I was asked to be part of a group called Maker Collective.  There are five of us. And the thing we all have in common is that we all love to make things with our hands. And we all love Jesus. And we all want to connect with Him as we make things with our hands. Needless to say, I have LOVED being part of this little group! We meet once a month. (And email eachother throughout the weeks to check in as well) We encourage each other, share with each other what we're making, pray for each other, and teach each other. It's a huge blessing!!

I got to host our January meeting on Saturday! I was sick with a cold, but I didn't let that stop me! I took some DayQuil and tried to press through how I felt.
I really really wanted to be fully present!

Here's a pic of all of the yummy food on my kitchen island. 
I decided to get all fancy and bring out my wedding china!

Melissa and Maggie

Melissa (wearing the red beads) makes custom embroidered clothing. She is about to launch her website on March 1st. I am very excited for her and for what the future holds!!

Maggie (wearing the purple scarf) is an expert baker. She made those amazing cupcakes in the photo. They were lemon cake with buttercream blackberry frosting - all from scratch. And absolutely delicious! I can't wait for her month so I can learn from her!! :)
I got all of the supplies set up beforehand and put them all on pretty vintage plates.

When it was time for the ladies to pick out what they wanted to make, I prayed for them that the Lord would speak to their hearts and give them each a personal word. That He would show them exactly what they were supposed to make. I then went upstairs to put the kiddos to bed. When I came back downstairs ten minutes later, all three girls were almost in tears. God is so good! He had met with each of them individually and showed them what word He had for each of them. And they were all so encouraged by Him! I love that!!

I sat down and made a stamped pendant so I could show the girls the step by step instructions of how to stamp metal. 

and then each girl sat down and we prayed for them before they began that God would anoint their hands and help them; that He would speak to their hearts as they used their hands to express His love

Joy's face says it all - the girls were so happy and excited to be learning a new skill!

(Joy, by the way, is a crafter extraordinaire. She makes amazing things out of clay. She sews gorgeous bags.  She also paints. She's the one who started Maker Collective :) )

There is one more lady, Angie, who is part of the group. She wasn't able to make it on Saturday.

wearing their new necklaces!

this is one of the girls' finished necklaces. 
she chose the word "chayil", which is Hebrew for "worthy; strong; valiant" 

didn't she do an amazing job on the stamping? 
all the girls did incredibly well, especially considering it was their first try!
I was a very proud teacher!


It was a really special night. I thoroughly enjoyed teaching and sharing my heart. And we had such a special time together, creating and praying and laughing and eating! :)

It really dawned on me that evening how much us women hunger for community. How so often that is lacking in our lives. And how important it is for us to connect with other women that share similar interests and passions and hearts for the Lord. I am so thankful that God has been bringing so many new life-giving friendships into my life lately! It's been such a blessing!



  1. What a great little community of believers and craftswomen you are. What a good idea. Wishing you the best as you share and grow and create.

  2. Lora, How exciting to read your post about your get together. How I long for something like this. I would like to try to get something like this started in my realm. Could you e-mail me some specifics of how your get togethers run and any advice you might have. I am always blessed by your posts.



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