Wednesday, January 29, 2014

grandma and papa's visit

My parents came up for a visit last weekend. We had a wonderful time together!
Here's a few photos:

Papa and Robby putting a puzzle together 

Grandma and Benjamin playing uno 
my mom and I at Starbucks on a little afternoon date

my heart is full!

joseph's face in this photo is precious, don't you think?! 

i made these simple hammered copper disc earrings while my mom and i talked.
i love how they turned out! 

my dad left these roses and card on the kitchen island for my mom to find the next morning, their 52nd wedding anniversary! so sweet!

the happy couple on their 52nd anniversary!

ever since I can remember, my dad has always done the dishes after dinner. 
he stayed true to his routine at my house, too! what a blessing to always have a spotless kitchen!
my mom and watching Downton Abbey together on the morning they left.
It was so fun to watch our favorite show together!


It was truly one of the best visits we've ever had! So much fun just being together and enjoying eachother's company. The children also really loved hanging out with grandma and papa, too. They spent lots of time playing uno and crazy 8's with grandma and going on little excursions with papa.

Such a great time!
Family is such a gift from God!

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