Thursday, December 26, 2013

our mountain getaway - part one

We had a wonderful time at our favorite cabin in the woods. We've been going there every December for the past five years (except for last year when we went to Atlanta). It's always so special being there. So peaceful. We always have amazing family time, just being together. Playing games, reading books, sitting by the fireplace drinking hot chocolate, exploring in the woods behind the cabin, throwing sticks in the creek, watching movies, taking naps, eating yummy foods, etc. etc...

Here's part one of our trip, with highlights of our outside explorations and Clint and I's 13th wedding anniversary on December 23rd.

the first thing I did when we got settled was walk to the creek behind the cabin. I stood there by myself and let out a huge sigh of relief. Instant peace!

the first thing the kiddos did when we got here was find a good book from their library and start reading!

Leo in his happy place

Benjamin and Robby enjoyed building blocks together :)

the tree trunks by the creek are curvy and so beautiful looking!

love these mushrooms(?) on this fallen tree trunk

Benjamin and Leo learned how to play chess on this trip

my quiver

me and my boys on the back porch

the kiddos loved their baths in the antique clawfoot tub

Happy 13th Anniversary to us!

After we put the kids to bed, Clint set out a spread of fancy cheeses, french bread, chocolates, and champagne.

my gift to him, a vintage black velvet blazer. He's been wanting one for a few years, and they are really hard to find! I was able to find this one online, and it fit great! Doesn't he look handsome?

His gift to me, a gorgeous diamond and citrine necklace! 
(Citrine is the gemstone for the 13th anniversary)

Here's a better photo of the necklace in the daylight. Isn't it stunning?!

 I'll blog again soon about the second half of our getaway, telling you about Benjamin's 10th birthday, our gingerbread house making, and our Little House on the Prairie stockings filled with oranges, candy canes, nuts, and chocolate. :) 


  1. Looks like a wonderful time! I love the photos of your quiver :)- Benjamin and Leo are like little bookends on each side!

  2. Where is this!? I want to go to there!!



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