Saturday, December 21, 2013

benjamin's 10th birthday party!

I cannot believe my firstborn is ten years old!! Oh my goodness. 

His birthday is on Tuesday and we will be out of town at our cabin, so we threw him a little birthday today with some boys from his class. The party was at a mall / arcade near our house. The boys had pizza and icees, and then Clint got each of them a card for the arcade that had money on it so they could each play the games for an hour.

This picture makes me laugh! Love these boys! So cute. :)

After lunch and the arcade, we went back to a special party room they had there and had cake and ice cream and presents. Benjamin is so so happy staring at his special Star Wars cake that I had made for him! 

love his smile :)

Clint and I could not be more proud of Benjamin. He is such a wonderful boy! We are so blessed and honored to be his parents. :)

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