Monday, October 14, 2013

surrounding my family with handmade treasures

I've been thinking a lot lately about the benefits of surrounding myself (and my family) with handmade things. And I realized recently that as I look around my home, there are so so many treasures around me that have been made by my own two hands (or someone else's). Whether its pillows and curtains, quilts, toys, embroidered pieces, carved wooden signs, etc.... And I really love that. I love that my children can grow up around things that have been lovingly handmade, and not just around things that came out of a factory. I think that it fosters creativity in their little spirits. It shows them that they can create things with their hands that bring joy and happiness to those around them!

I recently got the cutest little handmade doll from Kylie over at her etsy shop, Hidden in My Heart Dolls. She is such a sweet Christian woman, who loves handmade (and vintage) just as much as I do!  Here's Ruth's new doll happily resting on her bed. (I made that little vintage chenille pillow behind her a few years ago)

Ruth named her doll Sally. :)
Isn't that little dress made out of vintage linens the sweetest? 
And those pigtails. Love it!

And here's the cutest little feature that is on all of Kylie's dolls -
a hidden heart pocket, perfect for sticking little love notes and prayers inside for Ruth to find!
(and the boy dolls have a quiver on their back to put the notes inside!)

Ruth and Sally

And I recently had some fun sprucing up a blank wall in Joseph and Robby's room!

I found this awesome handpainted and decoupaged wooden sign from Emily over at her etsy shop, Simply Dashing Decor

And I made the denim and ABCs garland to hand underneath the sign. I am really pleased with how it turned out! I still want to add some other things to the wall (maybe a letter J and R, or an anchor, or another wooden sign.)  I'd love some other suggestions, if you have any!

"You will enjoy the fruit of your labor. 
How happy and prosperous you will be!" 

Psalm 128:2

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  1. cute doll and re. the bunting...on the denim ones, how about adding the initials of each member of your family?



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