Wednesday, October 2, 2013

stories from my booth

Well, it's been three days since Harvest Fest ended, and I am still processing everything that happened. I don't feel like I have the words to say to convey all that happened. And I know I won't really discover all that God did until I get to heaven. So many stories and miracles happen over time and in the secret place, so I may never know the extent that God moved in the hearts of the people that came into my little booth over those four days. But, I want to take a few minutes and write down some of the stories while they are still fresh in my mind.

Here I am on the second day of the conference, wearing my pretty new (size 8!) dress. I felt so good in that dress, y'all! I am truly so happy in this photo.

And later that day, my dear friend Maria (who watched the children the first three days of the conference) brought the kiddos up to see my booth.

This necklace, called the Key to Oneness, symbolizing the union we have in Christ and also in marriage, was bought by a lady who was going to give it to a friend of hers that was going through marital problems. She wanted to get her something that she could wear that would encourage and remind her to keep fighting for her marriage and that God could restore it! So awesome!

I gave this sweet girl a necklace last year at Harvest Fest that was stamped with the word "survivor". She was fighting cancer. She came back to my booth this year, still wearing the necklace. Now her tumor is gone and she is cancer-free! HALLELUJAH! She shared with me that she wore it almost every day over the past year to remind her that God was her healer and that she would survive! This encouraged me so much to hear that my little necklace played such an important role in her journey!

I found that little well charm at an antique store a few weeks ago, and knew I should get it. I waited and waited for inspiration, but it never came. Then on the first night of the conference, the speaker was talking about revival. He kept mentioning wells in his message. Lots and lots of well analogies. And also kept encouraging the congregation with the phrase "spring up oh wells", more specifically "spring up oh wells of revival". It was really powerful. And when I sat down the next morning to make a few pieces for my booth that day, I knew what the Lord wanted me to make with that well charm! Isn't God good?! His timing is perfect. I sold it later that day to a sweet woman that was so touched and encouraged by it!

Then, the next evening, the speaker's message (it was a different man than the night before), spoke all about breakthrough. And how it comes through the vehicle of love (for God and for others). I sat down the next morning and made this necklace to reflect the message. As I was making it, I felt the Lord say "breakthrough comes on the wings of love". Later that day, the speaker from the night before came by my booth and I was able to share with him how his message inspired that necklace. He was so encouraged and touched! And a woman came by my booth later to buy it. I asked her if it was for her, and she said, "No, I am buying it to give it to the speaker so that he can give it to his wife." Isn't that awesome? I know he must've been so touched to receive that! 

My sweet friend Jen sent me some little antique charms a few weeks ago, and this amazing glass slipper charm was in the bunch. I knew right away that I wanted to make something with it. I prayed and prayed about what to make and then I looked up songs that were in the movie Cinderella. The one called So This is Love really struck me as a perfect picture of our love relationship with Jesus. The lyrics are so beautiful!

So this is love, hmm
So this is love
So this is what makes life divine
I'm all aglow, hmm
And now I know
The key to all heaven is mine
My heart has wings, hmm
And I can fly
I'll touch every star in the sky
So this is the miracle
That I've been dreaming of
Hmm, hmm
So this is love

On the first day of the conference, a sweet lady (and customer for years) came up to my booth and was immediately drawn to that necklace. She told me about a story where she was going through a difficult time. She went to a women's meeting at her church. At the meeting, each round table had a special and unique centerpiece. She was the only woman sitting at her table and in the center of her table was a glass slipper. The Lord began to speak to her about how she was his princess. That He was her prince. And how beautiful and valuable she was to Him. The women's ministry gave her that glass slipper to take home that night and she has it displayed now in a glass case in her house, as a constant reminder of what the Lord showed her and deposited in her heart that night! So she was so excited to buy that necklace to wear around her neck to remind her all the more that she was His princess. So awesome!

My sweet husband came by a few times to visit me at my booth. I love this picture of us!

I took this photo of the crowd worshiping during Saturday night's service. I just love seeing the hunger and passion for God! 

a little corner of my booth 

and another corner 

Here's me at my booth on Sunday, drinking coffee. Coffee was a staple for sure over those four days. It takes a lot of energy to be there all day, speaking with people nonstop, praying for people, encouraging, etc.... But it's totally worth it! That kind of stuff truly makes my heart come alive!

Sunday was the last day of the conference. I didn't realize that there was a Sunday evening service, so I didn't plan for a sitter that afternoon (Clint was going to be gone from 3pm on). So, I didn't know if I'd be able to be at my booth that afternoon. I was able to find a babysitter around 1pm - she was there at the conference and she has sit for us before, so I was excited to find her! I kept feeling from the Lord that I needed to be there at my booth until 7pm. Around 4pm, there was nobody around. It was so quiet, and lots of people started taking their booths down and closing up. I was tempted to do the same, but I kept feeling the Holy Spirit say to me to stay until 7. Sure enough, right at 7, all these people started coming out of nowhere. And my booth was non-stop busy (with lines!) till 8:30. What a blessing! One sweet girl came around 7 and just hung around in the back of the lines waiting. She told me she wanted to be my last customer. When all the people had left, she came up and started to share with me about how her experience last year at my booth changed her life. (You can read about it here in one of my booth stories from last year). She went on and on about God had moved in her life over the past year, and how it all started with that little necklace and the word the Lord gave me for her and my prayer for her. So amazing! And it was the perfect way to end my time at Harvest Fest this year. I am glad I stayed till 7! :)

This year's booth experiences were interesting in that most of the awesome stories involved people that I sold jewelry to in the past years' Harvest Fest conferences. So many sweet women came up to my booth to share with me all that God had done (and is continuing to do!) in their lives, all started by the experience of getting a necklace from my booth. So crazy. And amazing! I am constantly amazed at how God is using this little thing called {eager hands}. It is such a privilege and honor to be used by Him like this, in this curious and unique way. I am honored that I can be just a small part of the journey that God is taking them on. So often, I think that what I am doing with all of this is so small and insignificant, but God uses these conferences and events to remind me again that He is using these works of my hands for His glory, and He is continuing to use them years after!

I've said it before - I am more convinced that ever before that if we dedicate whatever we are doing to Him, He can take it and use it in a far greater capacity than we ever imagined! Who would've thought that these little necklaces of mine would be used like this?! Not me. I am blown away by the creativity of God. He goes to such lengths to communicate His love for His children. He is always working, always reaching out to show His love and affection. It's truly mind-blowing.

And thank you all so much for praying for me. I could totally feel your prayers!! 

It was an amazing time. I am so thankful to the Lord for using me in this way! Praise Him!!


  1. I'm so glad you wrote about this Lora. I always look forward to reading how God blesses you at Harvest Festival. I know you had a hard time leading up to it and I had been praying for you. I love that here is me at the bottom of the globe able to pray for you in your important work. I'm like you and use my practical skills to make things for people, but I truly believe that God uses these skills He gave us to do His work. Being His hands as it were. Reading your experiences makes me cry tears of joy!!! Love and hugs deb xxxx

  2. Hey sweet friend! Since google reader is no longer I haven't been keeping up with blogs. I was thinking about you tonight and thought I'd pop over and say "hello". You look AMAZING. I love your dress in the first photo... and all the other photos of you. So excited you are still saying "yes" to God's call in your life to keep your store up and running and doing this festival. I am so proud of you!!! The stories are incredible!!! Praise be to God!

  3. Lora! I love all these stories! You are so's no wonder people are drawn to you. Thank you so much for my birthday earrings! As a fellow booth mate, you did a beautiful job and your booth was adorable. I'm so glad to see the blessing of the Lord on the work of your hands!



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