Wednesday, September 4, 2013

mug swap

I participated in something super fun this summer! It was called MugSwap2013, hosted by Kim over at A Cuppa Kim . Over 800 people participated! I was assigned a person to send a mug (and some fun extras!) to, and another person was assigned me. I really enjoyed hunting for the perfect mug for Katie. And I was thrilled to receive a beautiful mug from Jess. Not only did I enjoy the whole process, I also made two new friends! It was such a fun experience!

here's my box, all ready to be taken to the post office! 

these were all the goodies I sent to Katie ~ a beautiful aqua mug, a journal, some cute dishtowels, a scented candle, teabags, and a box of Lorna Doone cookies! I wanted to include everything needed to have a quiet tea-time!

I loved the shade of that mug - so pretty! And when I found that scented candle at the store, I couldn't resist! I thought it would be perfect for fall!

And this is the gorgeous vintage mug that Jess got for me! I have never seen a mug quite like this one before. So beautiful! And that bird! I love it.

The mug is the perfect size for that little pick-me-up coffee in the afternoon that I sometimes need.

If you want to see more of the mugswaps, click on the link below.

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Mug Swap!

Have a GREAT day, everybody! 



  1. I was tickled to see your partner was Katie! She and I went to the same college and even spent a spring break on a missions trip to Jamaica together. How fun! Thank you again for being such a gracious recipient for my first time doing MugSwap - And I'm so glad that we are now able to get to know each other!

  2. Cutest mug- lucky you!

  3. thanks for stopping by & commenting on my blog. Yes! This was a ton of fun! :) I love the package you gave. The mug is such a beautiful color!

  4. I always need that little afternoon pick me up too. What a perfect cup for you to have it in.

  5. I love that you sent a quiet time in a box, that is so perfect. As is, your perfectly dainty new mug!!! Yay thanks for being a part of it all!!!!

  6. you are so cute with that mug!

  7. So fun! I totally need to do this next time!



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