Sunday, August 25, 2013

afternoon walks

The weather here has been gorgeous the last couple of days! 
We've been making the most of it, and trying to get outside and take some walks! 

I took a walk by myself yesterday afternoon. 
It was a good workout, involving a really big hill (easy going down, brutal coming up! haha) 

Here's the beginning of the hill... 
So pretty, huh! The sky yesterday was so beautiful!

And all seven of us went for a walk today after church. It was really fun!
I love this shot so much! These people are my favorite people on earth. :) 

Clint and Leo looking at the ducks, geese, and swan in the lake. 

And we saw this interesting creature sitting very still on a tree trunk. I think it's a moth. 
The kids were fascinated by it. 


I hope the weather's been nice where you are, too! I am so happy its getting cooler outside. Fall is my favorite season! I even got to put on a cardigan this morning. Hooray! 

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday afternoon!

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  1. Whoa- that is the craziest looking moth I've ever seen! :)
    We took a family walk today, too- Sundays are great for that. Ours ended up being in the rain though! Fall is definitely around the corner . . .



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