Tuesday, July 23, 2013

the ripple effect

I dusted off my crochet hook this evening to make some dishcloths. Gosh, it felt good to crochet! It's been too long. This is where the whole {eager hands} thing began. With a skein of yarn, a little metal crochet hook, and my two unsure hands. Guided by my 84 year old neighbor Pauline, I was introduced to the beauty and fulfillment that comes with making things with your hands.  And more importantly, my Creator began to stir up the gifts inside of me!

After crocheting for a little bit, I looked up Pauline's number in Atlanta and gave her a call. To be honest, I was a little surprised that she was still there! We had a nice little chat. She's 94 now and fiesty as ever. I told her I was still crocheting and thanked her for teaching me how. She forgot that she had taught me! I told her about how I now also sew and make jewelry, and that I have an online shop. When I got off the phone, I couldn't shake this thought:

You really never know how one small act of kindness can change the course of someone else's life!

Pauline thought she was just being sweet to her young newlywed neighbor, sharing a little skill that she knew that she had learned from her grandmother. But when I learned how to crochet, God woke up a creative gift inside of me! And that little gift has spread into sewing and making jewelry. And God has used the little things that I have made and dedicated to Him to bless and encourage women all over the world! And if Pauline hadn't had shown me how to crochet (with her shaking arthritic hands) that day, you never know if any of this {eager hands} business and ministry would even exist today! 

Wow. I know - deep, right? But, honestly, it really got me to think about how everyday God puts opportunities in our path to share something that He has put inside of us with someone else. To pass on a skill or a craft to them. To speak truths into their life. To encourage them. To bless them. To help them. 

And, like a pebble in a lake can create thousands of ripples, one small act of service or love can impact thousands of lives!

So awesome!! 

That gets me REALLY EXCITED. Can you tell?! 



  1. Beautiful and inspiring post, Lora- thank you!

  2. So lovely and wonderful! I know how to knit, but not to crochet. My mom got me a crochet hook for my birthday (among a lot of other things, including yarn!), but no one I knows can teach me how. I'd rather learn hands-on from someone than from YouTube videos...wish you could come teach me! ;)

  3. :) Your blog post was lovely. Especially loved the quote at the end: "a pebble in a lake can create thousands of ripples, one small act of service or love can impact thousands of lives!" I have been learning a lot behind the principle of "whoever wants to keep his life loses it" that Christ taught. Recently, I was implementing more gift giving into my life by giving to others what God has gifted me to do -- writing and encouragement. However, I knew that the audience (group of kids that I work with) would want something more, like money, or a gift from the store. Thus, I decided with my co-worker to buy the children gift cards, and give them journals (that I wrote encouraging things in :)- so it was the best of both worlds. However, there were a lot of children in class. Thus, financially - as a single, college student - it hurt. But, the most amazing thing of it all was that it brought more joy than any ounce of pain. My heart was elated, and my mind was full of peace. It is truly an abundant life with Christ when we are obedient. "I have come that they may have life, and have it more abundantly" John 10:10. Also, in John 15 (I think it is in there :)), Jesus discusses how obedience can give us complete joy. I found that to be true this week, yet again :) I'm looking forward to following your blog. Grace and peace to you.




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