Monday, July 15, 2013

our family beach vacation

warning - this post contains A LOT of photos! :) i couldn't narrow it down. i loved them all! 

Edisto Beach, SC 

my hot husband :) 

my mom doing crafts with all the grandkids each day (there were 10 kids in all!)
Robby loved playing with his cousins Lindsey and Madison

so happy at the beach!

sweet joseph 

the rope swing in the front yard of the beach house was a big hit with all the cousins! 

daddy and leo in action 

robby watching the sunset on the back porch 

grandma and robby in the rocking chair 

the back porch overlooked the marsh, and we had absolutely gorgeous sunsets each evening!

papa and benjamin

most days, clint and i would take turns taking some of the children to the beach, or someone else in the family would help out. but one day, clint and i took all 5 kiddos to the beach by ourselves. it was really fun, but also exhausting! we needed naps afterward! 

here's clint and benjamin and leo sitting underneath the umbrella. this picture makes me smile because of leo's getup - goggles under his big hat and floaties on his arm.

beach baby 

beach girl
robby really enjoyed himself!
(see me and the big boys in the ocean?!)

benjamin and leo

 clint and me :)

another great beach shot that clint took

robby and i having a little chat about the beach on my bed, as well as comparing our sunburns. 

my sister-in-law, Paula, and I 
we are very, very close. we only get to see eachother once or twice a year, so we cherish our time together at the beach each summer!

mom and dad having their breakfast (I love this shot of them.) 

robby and his new favorite toy, Connect Four! 

Two of the nights, we all went downstairs and had dance parties outside with all the kids!
(Clint was the DJ) 


Dutch Blitz late into the night 

Joseph and Robby watching the big kids swing on the rope 

Ahoy! Ruth and Joseph enjoyed their time with mommy at the little aquarium / nature museum 

I thoroughly enjoyed sitting on the big front porch. I caught up on some reading, and loved to watch the big American flag swish in the ocean breezes, amidst the giant oak and magnolia trees covered with moss.

and I also enjoyed my beach hair! Lots of curls and extra body. 
loved it!

Clint got to do a photo slideshow presentation for the family of his recent trip to Israel
it was so interesting!

us :)

seashells on the front porch

one big happy family!

and an even BIGGER happy family! 18 of us in all!
this is my parents, us, and my two older brothers and their families.
We are so so grateful to my parents for renting that amazing beach house for us all to share for the week.

What an amazing gift and blessing!!
Thanks, Mom and Dad!

This is the short walk from the house to the beach. Isn't it a beautiful little street?!

We are looking forward to next summer for another great week at Edisto Island!


Thanks for letting me share pictures of my vacation with you! I know that was a lot of photos!! :)



  1. Great family pic, omg you need to frame it!!

  2. Great family pic, omg you need to frame it!!

  3. looks like you had a great time!!! I'm so glad you did! xoxo



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