Sunday, June 9, 2013

all gussied up for the Ball

Our church threw a fancy Ball tonight. We had a delicious dinner, followed by dancing. So fun! I wore the same blue lace dress that I wore to Prom last month. I thought y'all would like to see a couple pictures!

 us at the Ball tonight
I took this photo of myself in the church's bathroom. (Can you believe that?! I was shocked at how good the photo turned out. Must've been all those bright florescent lights in there!) I took the photo mostly so I could get a shot of my new earrings that I bought today at JCPenney. Aren't they pretty?! And also to show my little lace headband that found at Claire's. It matched my dress perfectly! I felt really pretty tonight. :)



  1. It's always important to do things (and wear things!) that make us feel special - I'm so glad you had such a fun evening! You are gorgeous in blue!! And you ROCKED those earrings!

  2. Such a pretty color on you! I love that your other half wore a blue tie, too :)

  3. Just beautiful, Lora.



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