Saturday, May 25, 2013

two views, one heart

my view this morning
a rose from my yard in a new vase
sunlight and shadows from my kitchen window

my husband's view this morning
thousands of miles away, in the city of Jerusalem.

my heart is with him today.



  1. Whoa! Awesome picture of Jerusalem! Still praying protection over your Clint. What an amazing opportunity for him!

    And yet, I understand what you are going through, too. It's so difficult to be separated from the one we love....I pray that it's a time of blessing and peace for both of you.

  2. Gorgeous! Wow, the colors there are so vivid! Such a contrast to your dreamy romantic rose in the vase. But I'm sure his heart is just as much with yours while he's away. :)

  3. Grace and peace, dear Lora.



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