Tuesday, April 30, 2013

playing catch up

Oh my goodness. I am so busy! Now that the conference is over, I am playing catch up with all of my etsy orders. And this time of year (with Mother's Day fast approaching)  is one of my busiest seasons!

So, I've got about 20 orders in my inbox. (Not to mention a 90 necklace bulk order I am working on that is due the end of May.) Wowzers. Don't get me wrong, I am super thankful for all of the sales! But, its just me and my little hammer that has to make all the orders. So, if you would, please pray for grace and strength as I work diligently over the next few weeks to finish strong.

I just took this self-portrait of me with wet hair and no makeup on.  I borrowed my husband's black belt with a big silver buckle to wear with my plaid tunic with ruffles at the top..
 I feel cute today! 


For anyone else out there that is feeling a bit overwhelmed and stressed, here's a song that helps me remember to give all my cares and concerns to God:

Hope you have a great day!!



  1. Cute! You can totally get through these orders. I will pray for you!

  2. I feel ya! And I am praying for you!!



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