Thursday, April 4, 2013

gone fishin'

We went to visit Clint's parents in south Georgia for Spring Break. It's so relaxing there, in the country with peace and quiet all around.  On our last day there, Robert (Clint's dad) took Clint, Benjamin, Leo, and Tyler (Clint's sister's son) out on the lake to fish. Robert is an avid fisherman. Here's some photos that Clint took of them on the lake. I thought they were the cutest pictures!

 Papa loves his grandsons!

 with their cousin Tyler

 pure joy!!

 Robert in his happy place :)

Benjamin and Tyler, off to discover new places! 

These two cousins, only four months apart, really enjoyed themselves this visit! They spent hours playing legos and just plain enjoying eachother's company. When we left, they exchanged addresses and plan to be "pen pals". It was so sweet!



  1. Fun! We will be taking our munchkin fishing in Florida for the first time. She is SO excited!

  2. Look how grown up they are!!



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