Saturday, April 20, 2013

a little update

Last night, my dear friend Danielle took me out for my birthday! We went thrift shopping and then out for Indian food. Pretty much my favorite two things. It was so much fun! Here's a pic of one of my thrift scores - a gorgeous little embroidered (or is it crewelwork?) box. Love it!!!

And I'm loving the paisley strapless top I got, too!
It was only $2.50, and it goes perfectly with my orange cardigan. :)

I took some photos of the little ones this morning. I was pretty happy with how the pictures turned out! It doesn't hurt that my children are totally adorable. (I know - I'm just a little biased! haha...)




I've been making lots and lots of yo-yos. Hand sewing these little beauties is so relaxing to me!
I was excited about making "buttons" out of stamped brass discs. The theme of the women's conference next week is Shine. So, I am going to stamp a bunch of shine discs and sew them onto these yo-yos. And I got some pin backs, so I am going to sew those on the back of the yo-yos to make them brooches. Cute, huh?

This is what I made last night at about 11pm. 
Lots and lots of little rose cabochon stud earrings!!
I think they are so sweet.


My life is kinda crazy right now. The conference starts on Thursday, so I have lots and lots to do until then to get ready for my booth. So much left to make, and then I need to spend a good couple of days tagging each piece with prices and more importantly, scriptures. 

Please pray for me that I would hear very clearly from the Lord as to what He would have me to make. I want so desperately to bring encouragement and joy to these precious ladies. I long for God's presence to linger at my little booth. I hope that I will be able to pray for women and be a vessel that God can use to bring His peace and love to His daughters. 

And also pray that I won't get too overwhelmed over these next few days as I get ready. My house is a total disaster. And that stresses me out. So, today, Clint and I are going to focus on cleaning up and getting it in some sort of order again. Then, back to my worktable to create! 

Hope y'all have a great weekend!!


  1. I love your thrift find- that is beautiful!
    And I know your own store will have treasures for so many other women to find!
    You a being prayed for and thought about daily!!

  2. Your dress is STUNNING! You are so gorgeous. And I love seeing pictures of your kiddos. I can see so much of you and Clint in them. Ruth is like your little mini-me! What a darling! :) You have such great talent, Lora--I know God is going to use the beautiful things you make to bless so many people. :)



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