Friday, March 15, 2013

wrapping gifts with vintage sheet music

I had a lovely afternoon wrapping up my custom orders. That is one of my favorite parts of having an etsy shop, I think. I love to go the extra mile and make each package really pretty and nostalgic and "vintage-y". (Is that a word? :) )

One of the pieces I had to package up today was a special custom order necklace for a bride-to-be. It had the future bride and groom's names on it, their wedding date, a vintage pearl, and a few other personalizations. It's so sweet! I knew exactly what I wanted to use to wrap up the gift, too. I recently came into possession of a huge lot of vintage sheet music. And I had one piece that was for the song "My Wedding Day". I used the cover page to wrap up the little organza jewelry pouch with the necklace inside.  It turned out so cute! I hope the bride-to-be really loves it.

isn't it the sweetest?!

tied with a bit of vintage pale yellow lace

"My Wedding Day"


I don't know why I love wrapping gifts so much. 
I think it's because giving gifts is one of my love languages, or how I like to show love.  
All I know is that makes my heart happy.



  1. Lora, I so much relate to your post. I think it is one of my love languages too. Do you ever feel like some don't get it and resent you when you do for them. I enjoy every bit of making packages beautiful and meaningful for that person. Happy weekend to you my friend.

  2. Hey Lora- it turned out beautifully!! I for one totally love to wrap gifts and give in that way too- and it always means a lot to me when I receive something special in the same way. No, your right- not everyone appreciates it, but that sure doesn't mean the love that was given isn't there. :)

  3. I love this!!!!!




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