Saturday, March 30, 2013

thoughts on the resurrection

I've decided to repost a little video I did over the summer. It's just too perfect for this weekend. I hope it encourages you!

"you need to go to the empty tomb to find your hope again"


One other thing I wanted to share:

On Friday, I was thinking about the crucifixion and the resurrection and all that Jesus has done for us. As I was meditating on all of that, I overheard Benjamin shout in the other room, "the demonstration of His power!!" (He was playing with superheros, I think.) But I couldn't help but smile at the timing of it all. I had a great opportunity at that moment to talk with Benjamin about how those very words that he shouted were the perfect way to describe the resurrection! It was a special moment between the two of us. 

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  1. that's awesome! watching you makes me realize where benjamin gets his eyes!! :)



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