Tuesday, March 5, 2013

basketball brothers & Gideon Bibles

We've been having a wonderful visit with my parents! My dad took Benjamin and Leo to buy them new basketball shoes for a fun 1st-5th grade basketball league at their school. They had their first practice last night, and I took a few photos of the boys in their new shoes. They were so excited! And I gotta tell you - my heart soared when I looked at the photos - my sweet boys look so cute together, arms around eachother. They are such great buddies. :)


My dad is a Gideon, and he gave the little ones their own Bibles.
Here's Robby with his Bible. He loves it.

lovin' his Bible. 
(I absolutely adore this photo!)


My folks are leaving tomorrow morning, so we're all looking forward to a fun last day together. 
Lots of cuddles, talks, laughs, and a dinner out to eat tonight - party of 9!

1 comment:

  1. Darling pictures, lora!
    Love Robby with his bible!
    Enjoy the dinner out- that sounds like lots of fun!



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