Friday, February 15, 2013

valentine's day recap

Hi y'all! I hope everyone had a sweet Valentine's Day!

Here's a recap of ours. (warning - lots of photos! :))

 I stayed up late on Wednesday night setting up a fancy table for a special Valentine's Day breakfast for the kiddos.

I found these cute plates (and matching napkins) at the thrift shop last week, still wrapped in their packages, for only 50 cents! score!

the kiddos' valentines for their classmates, all bagged up and ready to go!

Ruth's new dress, ironed and waiting for her 
(another thrift shop purchase from last week - only $2.50!)

me, at midnight, happy happy. 
i love making special surprises for my kids!

they were so thrilled the next morning to find their special breakfast waiting for them!

happy boys

i made chocolate chip muffins, with a little chocolate frosting and pink sprinkles.
paired with strawberries. a fun little breakfast, perfect for Valentine's Day!
(fyi- there were lots more strawberries on the plate -  I just couldn't get my camera fast enough.
strawberries go quick in my house!! :) )

Ruth loving her new bear!

After the kids left for school, I enjoyed my toast with butter and jam on my new "kisses" heart plate! 
(another score from the thrift store last week - only 50 cents! isn't it cute?!)

I spent way too long that afternoon straigtening my hair for my big date with Clint.
I felt like a teenager again spending that much time getting ready! haha...

And below, you can see one of the cards I made for Clint. I really like how this one turned out! :)

Clint went out of his way this year to dote on Ruth on Valentine's Day. He got her a big balloon and a heart shaped box of chocolates. He is so sweet!

Clint had a night of fun surprises planned for us. We started the date with a movie! Here's a pic we took of ourselves in the theater. :)

Then, we went for a drink before our dinner. 
(We had a 9:15 reservation, so we had to kill a little time.) 
 I got champagne! :)

Then, Clint surprised me with a reservation at a fancy Greek restaurant. It was beautiful! And they had a really great band there, playing live music the whole time we ate.  We had a really sweet, romantic dinner together.

me :)

my valentine :)
(he's eating lamb, if you're curious)

the waiter took this photo of us. I'm not quite sure what we're doing with our arms. It's kind of a funny pose! But it makes me smile. :)


What a fun day!!

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