Monday, February 18, 2013


{making my heart happy this evening}

a new cinnamon stick candle on an antique silver coaster,
next to the remaining roses from my valentine roses

I am enjoying life lately with much less computer time. God has been speaking to my heart a lot over the past few months about the fact that I have been spending too much time on the computer. So, I've been changing my lifestyle quite a bit recently. And I have to say, my life is MUCH richer now that I've taken a step away from my life online. I have had much more time to play on the floor with my children, to clean my kitchen, to sit by the fire with my husband, and to spend time in the Word with Jesus and in prayer. My brain feels less "cluttered", my emotions are much more balanced, and I am overall happier. I have realized that I have definitely allowed the computer to become an idol in my life. And I am doing my best (with God's grace) to tear down that idol and put God back on His rightful throne in my life.

So, all that to say, you will most likely be hearing less from me on this little blog of mine. I think I will still do a post or two a week, but definitely not one every day like I have been doing over the past few years. I hope that my posts will be an encouragement to you. That they will inspire you to create and draw closer to God. That they will cheer you in your unique place in this world!

Have a GREAT week, everyone!!



  1. It's so good to find a balance! I'm still working on it, especially since starting my new job.

  2. So proud of you. I have given up Facebook for lent and I can already tell a difference. Praying.

  3. Yes...quiet is good....I can relate. I have taken a HUGE step back from my blog...but am still excited to share what Jesus is doing in my's just more selective now.

    I look forward to your encouraging blog, Lora...I am glad you will still be posting.

    Grace and Peace :)

  4. I also blog much less. It certainly can get overwhelming and I also feel that I spent way too much time blogging and reading blogs when I first started. A good decision you have made. God bless.

  5. I really love the sentiment of this post and your honesty Lora, I think we all get caught up in the ways of the world from time to time.It is nice to shut off regularly.



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