Wednesday, February 27, 2013

give me Jesus

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Things have been wonderfully simple and delightful lately. Lots of playing with my children, baking yummy treats, taking long walks, cleaning my kitchen and doing laundry, spending time reading and enjoying God's presence in my house.

Here's a little snippet of my day today:

on a walk today with the little ones on a sunny (yet cold!) day

me and my little boys :)

Joseph on a path around the lake near our house. Look at that gorgeous blue sky!
(His outfit is cracking me up. He LOVES that hooded sweatshirt, even though its more Robby's size than his!)

three ducks enjoying the sunshine

one duck enjoying the water

homemade banana bread, hot out of the oven!! 
its my mother-in-law's recipe - foolproof and delicious every time!!

and a little crafty project for the morning.
I've been holding on to a vintage piece of sheet music of one of my favorite songs, Give Me Jesus.
I had the idea this morning to tea stain the paper and frame it!

staining the paper with a tea bag!

LOVE it!

(I also tea stained the other page of the sheet music. If you'd like to have it to make your own framed piece, just shoot me an email ( with your address.
I'd be happy to mail it to you!)

and I made this little custom necklace after lunch today. 
love how the ruby pops out against sterling silver!


It was a great morning! 
Busy with things that bring joy to my heart.
Walking with my little ones.
Creating special custom jewelry.
Crafting with vintage treasures.


If you'd like to hear the song Give Me Jesus, here's a pretty version of it. :



  1. so fun to see your little ones! glad you're having a wonderful day. looks like a gorgeous one and i'm lovin those bangs on you!

  2. It's so great to see you so happy- it makes me happy! :)
    I would LOVE to try the banana bread recipe . . . the two recipes I've tried in the past were 'epic fails', as my kids would say. I'm a little gun shy with banana bread at this point. But your description as 'foolproof' is what this fool needs!
    And your sheet music framed is really beautiful, too!

  3. Oh I Love your blog it touched my heart!!!!!



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