Thursday, February 7, 2013

fun at the playground

I walked the kids over to the playground last night. It was a beautiful evening - so warm! We had a great time together. Leo and Benjamin were celebrating lost teeth.  (that's why Leo has the box of peanut M&M's - he spent his tooth money on that.)

It's moments like these, watching my five little ones playing together, enjoying eachother's company, that makes me really thankful that I am a mommy. I am blessed!


  1. Fun! I sure wish it was warm enough here to go to the park. It'll be at least another month or two before we can do that!
    Be blessed friend!

  2. Park days with my boys are some if my favorite times. I'm lad you all had fun.

  3. oh i wish it were nice here! i'm craving some warm weather...

    your little girl is gorgeous, her eyes, all your kids' eyes are gorgeous!




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