Thursday, February 21, 2013

another antique postcard garland

My sweet in-laws are coming today for a visit!
I had fun last night sewing up a little vintage postcard garland for their room.
I thought it would add a little bit of extra loveliness to their little room! 

 I found these three antique postcards on etsy at this shop. Aren't they sweet?
And the vintage yellow lace was a thrifted goodie. I think I got it for a quarter! 

 The little note on the back of this 1910 postcard makes me smile. 

 I simply sewed the cards with a zig zag stitch right on to the yellow lace trim.
easy peasy!

Instant loveliness.

Now, their room is all ready for them!
They are arriving this afternoon. We are all so excited to see them!


My new life with less computer time has been wonderful. Honestly, wonderful!
I seem to have so much more time - my house has never been cleaner! And my brain is much less cluttered, if that makes sense. I am not tempted as much to compare myself to others. I am just me. And that is enough, especially to the Lord and to the ones who really love me and care about me. I have realized more and more lately that the things that bring my heart the most joy are the simple things. Making my house a cozy home for the ones I love. Playing with my children. Hugging my husband. Baking homemade banana bread. Reading my Bible. Praying for others. Giving thanks all throughout the day and acknowledging Jesus for His blessings in my life.

I am so grateful.



  1. The postcard banner is lovely, but I REALLY needed to read your last paragraph. When I was tucking everyone into bed last night I was thinking about how I should have done more housework throughout the day and immediately remembered all the time I spent online. I need to change that so I can serve my family better. Thank you for sharing how God is blessing your obedience in this area.

  2. I love the special room for your in-laws, and that little garland is the perfect 'cheery on top'. I also love hearing you overflowing with joy . . . :)



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