Monday, February 11, 2013

a pretty corner of my workspace & my decorating philosophy

I just spruced up a little corner of my workspace. 
I really love how it turned out. I thought y'all might like a little tour! 

This dresser holds vintage fabric and little trinkets that are for sale in the shop.
The top of it is my happy space. :)

my new favorite vintage treasure!
I found this beauty at Goodwill on Saturday for only $1.99! Yes!!

I was immediately drawn to the cardinals. And when I came home, I saw that Beth Moore had tweeted this message right around the same time I found it!

I don't know if red birds are any redder in the winter or if it's the contrast against the gray. I've seen a similar phenomenon with God. In the bleakest seasons when all seems dying, things you'd taken for granted can suddenly take an other-worldly color. Take it personally.

 Y'all - I was so touched by God that He would show me such personal attention through a needlepoint sampler, of all things! Now, every time I look at it, I can be reminded of Beth's words and rejoice in the winter seasons in my life!

you may remember Beatrice...

(and inside those vintage tins are all my jewelry supplies.)

isn't that vintage pattern box adorable? my friend Therese gave it to me. :)
and I found that little wooden heart and bird treasure at a thrift store on Friday for a quarter. 

here's all the books that i use to help me with scriptures and Hebrew words for stamped pieces.
(and old hymnals and antique books for props when I photograph pieces for the shop

a strawberry jelly jar filled with little vintage spools of thread on top of a little crocheted doily.
 just because. :)

a sweet vintage painting that i found at a garage sale last year.
it makes me smile. 


I love treasure hunting at garage sales, thrift stores, and estate sales. There's something so fun about finding that special little thing. You know - when you spot it on a table or shelf, and you gasp a little bit and smile a secret smile to yourself. I love that moment. 

And honestly, most of the time when that happens to me, it is like a big hug and a kiss from Jesus
He knows the little things that will bring a smile to my face. 
And He certainly loves to surprise me with little gifts. :)

The older I get, the more I realize that there is no right way to decorate your home. I used to try to follow certain rules or make my house look like the houses in magazines. 

But, truly the best way to decorate your home is to surround yourself with things that bring you joy. That stir up a memory or an aspect of God that He showed to you when you first brought the piece into your home.

That may sound silly to some people, but for me, that's how I decorate. 
Most things in my home either remind me of a friend, a family member, my husband or my children, or they remind me of a way that God has blessed me or a lesson He's taught me. 

Just like that little needlepoint sampler
 of two red cardinals perched on a sparse pine branch. 

It's a reminder to me that God is faithful. 
And that He is always bringing beauty. 
In every season. 



  1. Oh! So cute. I just love cardinals. They're Ohio's state bird :)

  2. Such a sweet encouraging post, Lora. Thanks for sharing your home with us...even though it's a cyber-visit, it is still very friendly! Happy Monday!<3

  3. A beautiful corner filled with lovelies!! xo Heather

  4. Beautiful encouragement in this post!

  5. oh He so knows, doesn't HE? I love how you put such meaningful things around your little work space Lora, I too have all the books that changed my life in one space so I can see them, I love that.
    I have Beatrice too!!!




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