Friday, February 8, 2013


that is the day clint and i got married.  December 23, 2000.

the best day. 

yesterday, i messed up a custom sterling pendant. Instead of throwing it out, I pounded out the stamped characters until they were barely noticeable. then, i stamped my wedding date on it - 12.23.00 . i wanted to have that date on a pendant to remind me of the day I took my vows. I hung it right next to the little "c&l" heart charm that I've been wearing everyday for two weeks. It makes me smile.

I emailed Clint a picture of me yesterday (my eyes looked really green in the photo, and I thought he might like to see it). He replied with "I like your necklace". :)

I took this photo just a little bit ago to show y'all the necklace.
I look pretty pitiful, don't I?
I have a cold. :(
And, I woke up today in an emotional funk.
I'm trying to dig myself out of the hole today. 
Ice cream might will be part of the process. :)

cute, huh?

Writing this post makes me miss Clint.
He's working today and tonight.
I am gonna have to text him in a minute just to say that I love him.
I love getting texts like that, don't you?


Hope you are having a good day.
I appreciate you!!



  1. that's really sweet lora...

  2. Aw, how adorable! And hope you feel better soon!
    xo TJ

  3. A sweet necklace! Hope you feel better soon! xo Heather



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