Monday, January 21, 2013

our family picnic

Warning - LOTS of pictures! :)

Yesterday, my sweet husband surprised me and the kids and took us on a picnic! He got all the food and blankets, etc and did everything. What a guy!

It was just the sort of fun activity I needed to help me get out of the "funk" that I've been in over the past week or so. He knows what I need, for sure. Nothing like plenty of sunshine and horses and good food and family time to lift the spirits!

here we are!

me and my girl


Clint was hard at work the whole time,
getting our lunch together and making everything run smoothly.

love this one

smiling Benjamin

Leo enjoyed watching the horses

Clint brought along a bottle of sparkling cider.
We toasted our plastic cups :)

the boys enjoyed the sparkling cider, too!
(yes, that's Leo behind that disguise :) )

sunshine girl

i just love little boys in hoodies!

sweet Joseph

Benjamin and I

Leo doing his pirate grin


all five running in the grass

let's pile on daddy!

I layed down on the blanket and looked up at the beautiful sky. 
The sun was peeking through the branches of the trees. It was so pretty!
Here's my view.

And here's me!
(squinting in the bright sunshine)


It was a wonderful afternoon. My husband is so good to me. He helps me out when I am feeling low. He is a wonderful partner and friend. I am so thankful for him!

The children had such a great time, too! We were all thankful for the sunny winter day. Even though it was a bit chilly, and the sun was warm on our faces. Sometimes having a big family can be difficult. It's a lot of work. But, in times like these, I am reminded again what a JOY and BLESSING it is to have five kids. Seeing them running through that field, laughing and playing with each other, was such a delight to my heart. Children truly are a gift from God!



  1. I love this!! You are so good at catching wonderful photos of your kiddos. They are beautiful--and that Ruth, what a charmer! You have a gorgeous family--and what a sweet hubby, to plan a family picnic. :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. What fun ! ! ! I love each and every photo.....can never have too many :)

  3. There's just something about having a meal outside...I love picnics!

  4. So many fantastic pictures! You and your Ruth together- both beauties! Clint is such a wonderful husband and father- really, you are so lucky! So so glad to see you all enjoying each other. Made me happy too!

  5. that's so good to hear about your hubby, i'm glad you shared that.

    what fun pics and i love that you were so close to the horses!



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