Wednesday, January 9, 2013

new lovelies for the house

chocolate brown curtains for the living room
and pretty little hoops above the windows
(can you spot Lester in this photo?)

(the ever lovely Gina made this for me)

{antique needlework}
(a gift from my sweet friend Angie)

my spruced-up guest bathroom

new rug :)

and a new clock, too!

beautiful painting given to me by my friend Rhonda
(the Hebrew word is "ahava", which means love)

my wonderful new vintage butter dish


Hope y'all are having a great day!



  1. Oh!- that isn't a throw pillow in the couch corner; it's Lester!!
    Love all your goodies Lora- it all looks fresh and clean and inspiring. And that butter dish is darling- great color!

  2. Awe, don't you love to add those new things to spruce up the home in January? I like your new hoops above the window so much, and the curtains are beautiful, too! What a sweet butter dish. :) I like anything with some nostalgia behind it, and some of your new additions bring that to mind! You have a cozy home!

  3. I love the painting! Beautiful warm colors :)

  4. Isn't it amazing how a few new lovelies can re-invigorate our sometimes mundane homelife? Enjoy your goodies Lora.



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