Thursday, December 6, 2012

snowflake pouches

I'm up to my eyeballs in etsy custom orders. I am really really thankful, don't get me wrong. But, I am totally exhausted. My days lately have consisted mainly of hammering metal, wire wrapping, putting necklaces together, packing orders, and shipping orders. And then, I get up the next morning and start all over again. (not to mention taking care of the kiddos, cleaning the house (not), and hanging out with Clint (he's been super patient with me lately!)..  It's been a whirlwind the past couple of weeks, that's for sure.

I ran out of my organza gift bags today. And my new shipment is late arriving. So, now, I am adding to my plate sewing little jewelry gift bags. 

I just made these little beauties. I sewed them out of some white cotton I had in my fabric stash. Then, I stamped them on both sides with a gold snowflake. And I finished them off with a bit of colorful vintage lace trim. I really love how they turned out. And I hope my customers love them, too!



  1. I have no doubt your costumers will love them- those are fantastic! Way to use what you have!

  2. Anonymous9:52 AM

    very creative! really like them. You are very resourceful!

  3. Anonymous11:59 PM

    Take care of yourself dear lady! You and your sweet family are in my prayers for grace and strength to get through this and each day.. God's blessings upon you all. With His love... Toni-Anne grace55(at)hushmail(dot)com



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