Saturday, December 1, 2012

booth update and infinity scarves

Good morning! Thank you all for your prayers for last night! I really felt them. We got there to the school, and I have to say - the spot I was assigned was truly one of the best spots there! I was so blessed. It was in the hallway near the front door, where everyone walked in and past to get to the main area where most of the booths were. So, I was able to say hi to everyone that walked in. It was a great place to be! Clint and I worked quickly and efficiently to set up my booth. It looked really good!

 Clint snapped this quick shot of my booth with his ipad at the end of the event. We were taking my booth apart, so half of it isn't shown in this photo. But at least you can see a little of it! My booth was right in front of the trophy case. :)

 I had lots and lots of great talks with customers. Several sweet ladies got tears in their eyes as we shared and talked about what they were going through. I was able to speak God's love and truth into their hearts. I was also able to encourage some other artists as well about starting their own etsy shops. I love to support handmade!! :)

After we took the booth apart my booth, we went to Carrabas for a super late dinner. We had spinach and goat cheese flatbread and caesar salad. Yummy! All in all, it was a pretty fun date night. :)

I made some more infinity scarves yesterday morning out of some super soft vintage red and black plaid flannel. I had one on my dress form that I always bring to my booths. (Her name is Bertha, by the way :) ) Anyway, I have a couple left that didn't sell at my booth last night. So, I wanted to let you guys know about it in case you'd like to have one for yourself. (I'm mentioning this because I've heard from a few of you expressing interest in them) I made one for myself, and I wore it last night at the show and as I slept (I like to sleep with something around my neck - weird, I know - but it keeps me from waking up with sore throats!) It's so comfy!

  Here's the red plaid one. Cute, huh?
(I have one left

And I have two left (SOLD!) of this one made of stretchy vintage black floral jersey

I'm selling them for $10.00 each (with free shipping!)

If you're interested in purchasing one, 
just email me at
and we'll work out the details.

Sorry, guys, but they're all sold now! (as of 6:30p Saturday). But now that I know y'all like them, I might have to make more. I'll just have to wait now till I find a vintage fabric that inspires me! :)

Have a great weekend!  



  1. all looks perfect!...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  2. I love them! I am so happy that it all went so well and that you got a sweet date night! Love you!!

  3. YAY! So glad this venture was a success!!! That is the sweetest date night night- Clint is quite the guy! :)



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