Wednesday, November 14, 2012

what i wore wednesday

I normally don't do "what I wore wednesday" posts, 
but I couldn't resist today's outfit since it involved some craftiness. :) 

yay! stripes and flowers ~ my favorite combination.
sweater - rue 21
shirt - target
jeans - jcpenney
scarf - by me!
earrings - by me, too (you can get some in my shop here!)

I found this great long striped cardigan in a bag of hand-me-downs. I honestly have no idea where it came from. I think it was left over from a community yard sale we did with some students last summer. Anyway, I loved it and decided to keep it for myself. Unfortunately, I noticed a pretty big hole on the back of it.

So this morning, I got out the remnants from that vintage jersey I used to make those infinity scarves the other day. I cut out a little heart, and the sewed it over the hole on the back of the sweater.

wearing my heart on my... back! :) haha...
it's a little bit wonky, but i still think it looks cute.

my friend Danielle dropped by this morning,
and the first thing she said when she saw my sweater was, "Oh, look - a heart! I love it!" 
Successful save of a cute sweater destined for the scrap pile!


  1. your sweater patching is brilliant lora! you look super cute! :)

  2. hi lora!!! how are you, I need to catch up...
    love your post here, i liked it when you did that other What you wore Wed. a couple months ago, you were so adorable!

  3. Love it! I too love strips and flowers any way any day ;)

  4. Are you selling the scarves? I noticed you don't have them linked to the shop... I'd love to see about purchasing one.



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