Monday, November 19, 2012


There's lots going on around there these days. So all I've got time for today is a very random post with some photos I've taken over the past week. Here they are:

Ruth came up to me the other day looking like this and said,
"Mom, look at me! I'm a lady!"

stacks of stamped and hammered sterling silver discs, ready to be put together as necklaces.
this stack is part of a large custom order - 16 necklaces in all!
(that's what i'm gonna be doing tonight...)

a custom necklace I mailed off to Canada today. 
I love this phrase, don't you?

I recently started making these cute cabochon rose stud earrings. 
Aren't they the sweetest little things?

I'm wearing my new sweater today and I feel kinda cute. :)
And I also feel like I look like Where's Waldo (haha!)


and i've got a little prayer request for all you prayer warriors out there -
Leo came home early from school today. He slammed his index finger in a big bathroom door at school. It's pretty swollen and red, and he cried for like an hour straight. But, I think he's gonna be ok. I don't think it's broken. He's taking a nap now. Poor guy...


  1. Poor baby! I hope he is okay... I am praying for your Leo to feel better very soon.

    Love the "fear not" necklace.

    And, NO! You do not look even remotely like Waldo! ha ha! Thanks for the laugh, Lora!

    (I love random posts! Very fun!)

  2. FYI: the last comment was from me...sorry! I was signed in to my e-mail address and didn't realize it at the time...:)

  3. Poor Leo- OUCH! Praying for that little finger!

    It's all crazy busy here too- totally get that. Hang in there friend and have FUN with those custom orders! :)

  4. Oh no, poor Leo!! I hope he is feeling better soon. I slammed my finger in a van door when I was about 8 years old (hurt like crazy!), so I can sympathize :)

    I LOVE the little flower earrings! Are they pretty small? I've been getting more into little studs lately.

  5. will be prayin' for Leo...and I'm ready to buy some of your new flower studs but not in the shop yet :-(

  6. Will be praying for sweet Leo! Love your rose earrings! xo Heather

  7. Sorry to hear that about Leo, praying for quick healing!

    Very cute little flower studs! What kind of glue do you use to attach the flowers?

    1. Thanks for letting me know about the glue. Maybe I'll need to try working with some cabs!



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