Tuesday, November 13, 2012

morning walk

my sweet boys on our morning walk yesterday

about to take an adventure!

going through the "secret path" toward the lake

feeling cute in my new shirt :)

love him!

tire swing

i LOVE the golden sunlight in this photo - so beautiful!



action shot

enjoying the wind on his face

and then there were two!

i loved this little branch growing out of the side of the tree trunk near the ground!

It's amazing what a little bit of time outside in the sunshine can do for your soul! :)

 Hope you have a great day!!



  1. My heart went all nostalgic to simple days like that when my sons were littler. Such cute boys!
    I loved seeing how beautiful your side of the country is this late in the Fall (notice I've decide it's yours)- ;)And a swan!- what a gorgeous bird. We don't have those here!

  2. u should be feeling cute you were looking cute in that top:)

    lovely walk--you still have some greenery?!

    love the ducks...xo

  3. I love these photos! The ones of the swans are so pretty!



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