Friday, November 9, 2012

help those affected by Hurricane Sandy

The other day, I had an idea of a small way that I could help the victims of Hurricane Sandy. I decided to offer up a couple of necklaces in the shop where 100% of the proceeds from the sales will go directly to World Vision to help in the Hurricane relief. So many people are still without power and have lost their homes or have major repairs to make. (World Vision is distributing relief supplies through local partners to provide emergency assistance to families in the wake of this terrible storm. For more information, go to

Whoever buys these necklaces can feel good knowing that 100% percent of the money they spend will be donated to World Vision to help the people affected by Hurricane Sandy. And I know that the necklaces will also serve as a reminder to pray for those people as well.


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  1. Anonymous2:44 PM

    This is awesome. Love your heart.



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