Tuesday, November 6, 2012

birthday boys!

Joseph's 4th birthday fell on the first day of my booth at the women's conference (Nov 1st) , so I woke up super early that morning, and made cinnamon rolls and we had a fun little breakfast birthday party for him before the older kids left for school. Joseph was so surprised when he came downstairs to find party decorations, just for him!

He kept saying over and over again, "Thank you, Mommy! I love it! I'm so happy!"
It was precious.

I was gone most of the day at my booth, but was so happy to discover that both babysitters spent time with all the kids making birthday cards for Joseph together and one of the sitters even gave him a special card that she had made with a little envelope inside it with three quarters for him. :) So sweet!

I made sure to give Joseph extra love and cuddles and story times that night when I tucked him in.

He's such a treasure to me!

Then, Robby turned 2 on Nov 4th. We all went to breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Here's a (very blurry) photo of the seven of us that our waitress took. :)

She brought Robby a breakfast ice cream sundae after he had his pancakes! We all sang Happy Birthday to him. He was so excited!

I love how Clint is looking at him here.

me and my (big) baby

we then took the kiddos to Walmart and let them all pick out toys!
I was so happy to be able to do that for them since I had some extra money from my booth sales.

Joseph and Robby's fun birthday cake 

As you can tell in this video, I totally lost my voice from all the talking and praying I did at my booth! I sound pretty funny singing the birthday song! 

I wanted to let Benjamin and Leo help out by bringing the little cakes over to Joseph and Robby.
Leo almost gave me a heart attack when it was his turn. You'll see why here... :)

Leo was so sweet as he helped Robby open his gifts

And Benjamin was my little helper - he put all the toys together!

my heart is full! I'm so blessed to have such wonderful children!



  1. Oh- Robby daintily eating his birthday cake- that is so precious!
    You have such a sweet sweet family, Lora! Happy birthday to Joseph and Robby!

  2. Happy birthday to your precious boys!! So sweet! xo Heather

  3. Happy birthday to your little guys! I have a birthday boy on Nov 1st too!

  4. They are both so precious Love love love <3

  5. I love hearing the kids and Momma sing the Happy Birthday! So sweet Lora! (even your worn-out squeaking voice!) You are a real person with a real life and I love how you share so much with us here in Blogger Land!




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