Thursday, October 18, 2012


What is success?

Is it having a lot of money?
Or brand new cars?
Having the newest, trendiest clothes?
Or a house filled with the most beautiful furniture?
And decorated perfectly?

Is success having lots of friends?
Hundreds of blog followers?
Scores of comments for every post?
Endless playdates scheduled?
Size 8 jeans?
Perfect skin and hair?

Is success having an hour quiet time every morning?
Having a clean house all the time?
Doing an awesome craft every day with your children?
Baking brownies and fixing huge three course dinners every night?

Is success having perfect children, who never get in trouble at school?
Is success always having the perfect, most spiritual answer in bible study?
Is success having a big ministry?
Is success being perfect, always saying and doing the "right" thing?


Success is loving God and being loved by God.

Our joy is found in Him ALONE.

In loving Him.

And in opening up our hearts and letting Him love us fully, just as we are.

And as long as we are trying to find success in wordly things, 
done by our own merit and our own works, 
we will never be able to live in His definition of success.

Which is rooted and grounded in LOVE.

We were made for LOVE.

We were made to love Him.

We were made to be loved by Him.

If we were perfect, we wouldn't need God.

We wouldn't need a Savior.


Divine Romance,
Sweet Lover of my Soul,
Draw me deeper into You.

Take me higher.
High above all the noise.
Above the world
and what the world defines as success.

Take me into Your arms.
Your loving embrace.
That loves me just as I am.
Into those arms that hung on a cross.
For me.

That while I was yet a sinner, 
bound by the world and the flesh.
You reached down 
and plucked me out.

You saved me.
So that I could love you 
with my whole heart.
So that You could romance me.
Woo me.
And draw me into Yourself.

Sweet Jesus!
My success is found in Your embrace.


My sweet friends, release your burdens unto God today.

Let go of the unrealistic expectations you have placed on yourself.

God loved you and chose you, when you were yet still a sinner.

You are successful when you enter into a love relationship with Him.

That is true success.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made!

You are valuable.

You are successful.




  1. This is a beautiful post!


  2. What an amazing and encouraging post, Lora. Thanks for the beautiful reminders.

  3. A to the MEN AMEN.

    So my heart.

  4. great perspective Lora! thankyou!

  5. Excellent post Lora!



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