Monday, October 22, 2012

some new vintage treasures

My sweet hubby watched the kiddos on Saturday so I could go to a fantastic little estate sale and some other places to do some treasure hunting for vintage goodies!
Here's some of my latest finds:

I love this little vintage satin cosmetic bag/clutch. And it's still in its original packaging! So fun!

here's the waterproof interior

love this antique spoon with the twisted handle.
i did some research on it and it's from the late 1800's!
(it's marked with "DERBY SILVER CO." on the back)

(and I also found the sweetest little antique "demitasse" spoon - perfect for cappuccinos!)

and this gorgeous antique knife with a turned handle
isn't that floral detail gorgeous?!

I was tempted not to sell this cute vintage quilted pillow, but I gotta draw the line somewhere!
(I don't think Clint can handle any more pillows on our couches! haha...)

look at all those little stitches by hand!

And Clint found a couple really cool double decks of playing cards from the 60's for me.
This one features a drawing a country club.

aren't the illustrations on the cards just amazing?!
so retro. :)

And Clint found this double deck for me, too.


When Clint and I were dating/engaged/newlyweds, one of our favorite things to do was go to estate sales. We could pour over all of the antique treasures for hours. So much fun! Now, we have to tag team it. Clint usually goes first to check it out and get the lay of the land. Then, he comes home and I go. (It's just not do-able with all the kiddos for us to both go together). But, it's fun to get the report from Clint and have a sneak peek description from him before I go!


  1. How fun! I love all your finds, especially the purse! I also love how your husband enjoys estate sales too! My hubby will come with me b/c he loves me but it's really not his thing.

  2. So glad you were able to have some time away! Great finds . . . the silverware especially caught my attention- I adore old, unique silverware.
    You are so lucky that Clint enjoys estate sales! Even not getting to go together in this season of life, at least it's something you both have in common!

  3. It's so nice to have something like that to enjoy with our spouses. TacCom and I also love to go antiquing. It's funny to see how different our interests are as we are looking...he loves the firearms and I love the dishes and art....Someday, in the not too far future, you will be able to do it together again!

  4. Lovin'' all your sweet vintage treasures!! xo Heather



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