Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I am just heartbroken over the recent death over Jonathan Dailey, the son of Clint's friend and co-worker, Donna. His body was discovered yesterday in the Charles River in Boston. It is just a terrible tragedy. Please pray for his parents, Bruce and Donna, (as well as his sister, Robyn, who is a friend of mine.) And also pray for the truth surrounding his death to come to light, as the police investigate.
(If you want to read the news article about it, click here.)

When something like this happens, it really does put everything into perspective.
When I found out the news last night, I hugged my babies every long and extra tight.
Life is so fragile, and we aren't guaranteed tomorrow.
We need to make the most of each day we are given.
And we need to love well the ones that God has placed in our lives.


  1. Wow...that is absolutely horrible. I will be praying for the family and for the truth to be known. It was very hard to read about what happened and it sounds absolutely horrid. =( Sorry for the immense loss. May the Lord comfort your hearts.

  2. So sad to read that news, Lora. I will be praying for the Dailey family...that they find comfort in the Lord's Presence and that the Lord be glorified even in this terrible tragedy.

  3. Praying for them all, Lora. And for comfort and even joy in such darkness.
    And comfort for you, too.



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