Friday, October 12, 2012

how to make a fleece scarf in two minutes

Yesterday morning, Ruth was asking me if she could wear one of my scarves to school. (In the fall/winter months, I pretty much wear some sort of scarf around my neck every day. I love scarves!) Anyway, I didn't have any that were small enough for her to wear, but I remembered that I had some pink fleece left over from a sewing project, so I quickly got the fleece out of my fabric bin and in two minutes, cut a long strip of fleece for Ruth. And it was that easy - a new cuddly, soft fleece scarf for my girl! No sewing required. She was ecstatic! And I finished just in time for her to wear it out the door yesterday. :) 

When she left for school, Joseph asked me to make one for him, too. So, I grabbed some leftover red fleece out of my fabric bin and made him one too! :)

does it get any sweeter than this?!



Such an easy little project! And super inexpensive, too. I just got an email from Hancock Fabrics the other day letting me know that there's a sale going on right now through the 10/31 for fleece - you can get a yard for $3.99! Think of how many scarves you can make from a yard! So fun!!

Have a great Friday, everyone!


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  1. Great idea! And what cuties those two are!
    Ruth's haircut just suits her to a tee!



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