Friday, October 5, 2012

harvest fest - day two

Today was AMAZING. God met me in my booth in a powerful way. I gave away several things to people and they were really blessed and encouraged. And I also got to pray for so many people!

This is my favorite story of the day:

I made this really striking necklace last night. It had a large turquoise stone with a feather charm dangling from it. This morning, I spent some time praying about what the name and spiritual symbolism to the piece was. And as I prayed, I heard the Lord whisper "warrior princess." And then, I saw this amazing vision of a beautiful girl with long hair riding a horse holding a bow and arrow.  A warrior princess for Jesus, ready to go into battle for the Kingdom!

A few hours later, a sweet girl named Brittany came up to the booth and picked up that necklace. She looked at the card and read the name of the necklace. And her eyes got really wide and she just stared at amazement at the necklace.


Then, she pulled out this little folded up scrap of paper out of her wallet. She told me that several months ago, she went to India on a mission trip. And while she was there, a random stranger came up to her on the road and handed her this piece of paper.  It said, "You are a warrior princess for Jesus." and he also wrote that he saw a picture of her wearing a fancy dress and holding a bow and arrow."

Y'all, I was wrecked. Tears started streaming down my face. I was overcome by the kindness of God - That He would go to such great lengths to speak to one of His daughters. 

And also, that He would be so kind to me personally to validate what I'm doing with this jewelry. To confirm to me, yet again, that this {eager hands} thing is so much more than sales, than earrings and necklaces to feel pretty - that it is bigger. That these things can be tangible reminders of God's goodness and love. To help us to exercise our faith to believe Him and His purpose for our lives and to lift our visions higher!  I am honored and humbled that He would use me like this, guys. I am choking up right now as I type this. That He would use me, a stay at home mommy of five little children, to be part of so many people's faith journeys. That He would use me to make special and meaningful necklaces for people all over the world. I am so humbled.

Jesus, thank you so much. Thank you for speaking to my heart. Thank you for using me. Thank you for being so kind. So gracious. So loving. So so so good!!!

Brittany, (aka warrior princess), wearing her new necklace. 
(and she's wearing a scarf that she got when she went to India, too!) 


One more day for the conference! I'm excited about what God's gonna do!!



  1. What an awesome story!

  2. He is a personal God....and that is an awesome, awesome testimony, Lora! Thank you!

  3. How awesome is that Lora!! Beautiful! xo Heather

  4. Anonymous4:41 PM

    I LOVE this story!! awesome :)

  5. such an awesome story!! chills!

  6. Wow! What an amazing story Lora! I am so touched by how He is using you. Your obedience when He tells you what to make is an inspiration!

  7. Anonymous10:29 AM

    I am so honored to have met you and humbled that the Lord would go to such lengths to speak to my heart. THANK YOU! you have truly blessed me, and my entire family has been blessed by this as well.
    -Brittany Threlkeld,
    Princess Warrior :)



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