Sunday, October 7, 2012

harvest fest - day three and four

So much has happened over the past few days! God did so many amazing things!

Here are a few of the highlights:

Late Thursday night, after the service, I went over to help Clint sell ice cream for his Senior Class's big senior trip in the spring. But before I left the house, I felt the Lord lead me to bring a little handstamped copper bracelet that was stamped with the word "breakthrough". I wrapped it up pretty and when I got to the church, I asked God to show me who He wanted me to give it to. I saw a woman at a booth, and knew it was for her. When I gave it to her and she read the card with the bracelet, she was blown away. She showed me a half finished painting behind her that she was working on. She told me that she'd been having some difficulty finishing it and was frustrated. And guess what the name of the painting was? You guessed it - breakthrough! That little bracelet, and more importantly, message from God, was just the push she needed to finish that painting! And I know that many people will be touched by Him when they see it!! 

(in my pretty dress from Jesus)

I was trying to decide what to wear the next morning. I really wanted to dress up in a pretty dress. But I couldn't find one in my closet that fit me right. I went outside a little bit later, and noticed that there was a yard sale on my street. I quickly walked down there to check it out (because I pretty much can't resist a good yard sale! :) )  And lo and behold, there was this beautiful linen Laura Ashley floral dress in a ball on the driveway. I didn't know if it would fit, but it was only $1.00 so I took a chance. It came out of the dryer minutes before I had to leave for my booth, and guess what? It fit perfectly. I was so excited. Jesus got me that dress!! I love him so much. :) I got compliments on it all day, and I happily told them the story of how the Lord gave it to me. 

Later on that day in my booth, a sweet young couple came up. The wife fell in love with a vintage key necklace. And as she was standing there looking at it, the Lord showed me that there was another key necklace that was for her husband standing next to her. It was a blue vintage key on a simple ball chain. On the key was stamped "Color-Light".  I had also stamped the scripture reference "Psalm 36:9"  I showed him the key and he politely looked at, but quickly moved on to other pieces. When it was time for her to check out, I went ahead and put that blue key necklace in the bag as well. I just knew that the husband was supposed to have it!! He thanked me and asked me what the scripture was. I read it to him:

For with you is the fountain of life; in your light we see light.

His eyes got really wide and he began to tell me the most amazing thing! He does inner city ministry in Cleveland, Ohio. And in the center of the city is a place that is known as "Key Tower" and in the center of it is a big fountain. And engraved on the stone at the base of the fountain is that very same scripture! He was blown away! As I prayed for them, and God showed me that the blue key was a symbol of the key to the city. God wanted him to have the key to the city and to take that city for Jesus!! So awesome!!

And then today, I was able to pray for several people and it was a really sweet time of encouraging others!  One sweet young girl came over to the booth with her mom. She immediately picked up a pretty little silver necklace I made yesterday that had a silver wing and stamped pendant that said "ps. 17:8".

She asked me what the bible verse was, and I read it to her:

Keep me as the apple of the eye, hide me under the shadow of thy wings.

She was blown away - She received prayer yesterday afternoon (around the exact same time I was finishing making that necklace at my booth!), and during the prayer time, the group prayed that exact same scripture over her! She was so encouraged!! Hallelujah!

Y'all, that sort of thing happened the entire time during Harvest Fest!! There's too many stories like that to even count. It was absolutely incredible!!! I am still in awe at all that God did!

The biggest thing that He showed me through this whole thing is this:

He is always speaking.

It's just that we aren't always listening. 

(Or that we can't hear his voice clearly because we're listening to too many other voices (ie. our own, the enemy's lies, other peoples voices/opinions, or even the voice of the world / our culture / media, etc)

And I'm learning more and more each day, that we have to tune our ears to His voice. Drown out the other voices by staying in His word, and in His presence through worship and prayer. And the more we hear His voice, the more exciting life can become!  He can send us on little assignments to encourage others and lift others up! And speak hope and vision and purpose to the downtrodden and frustrated and lonely. What a wonderful journey we can be a part of!

I hope all of these stories from my booth have encouraged you and built your faith up a little bit.  Let's set our mind and hearts (and tune our ears, too!) to Him. Let's focus on Him - together!!!



  1. WOW!

    Seriously, this is good stuff! :)

    You look gorgeous in your new dress- I love God for all those little things like that that mean so much to us!

    I am so, SO Happy to hear all the amazing stories that have come out of these four days!
    I am so proud to have been part of it with you in prayer! :)
    I know you've been working so hard- I hope a long rest is available now! You deserve it!

  2. These stories are amazing! You not only have eager hands, but you have a listening heart. :-) So cool how God is using you to share his word.

  3. Beautiful and amazing stories Lora!! Such blessings! xo Heather

  4. Answered prayer! You are a blessing, Lora...used by God.

  5. Very encouraging! thankyou for sharing Lora!! :)

  6. Love love love hearing your stories! God is using you in a POWERFUL way. Woo hoo. Yay God!



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