Thursday, September 13, 2012

thursday randomness

I'm fighting the beginnings of a cold, so excuse me if this post seems random.

couple of things about this picture:
1. i like my shirt a lot - its got apples on it
2. you can't see it, but i am wearing normal pants - not my pajama pants! :)
3. i look glassy eyed
4. but i have no double chin (thanks to taking the photo from a high angle :) )

These are the pendants that I made yesterday.
There are 13.
Wow. I was productive!
I am getting ready for Harvest Fest, so let the crazy crafting times begin!
Clint suggested the phrase "blue skies".
I like it.
I ran out of bread this morning, so I am making my own. I prefer fresh baked bread anyway, and it makes the house smell soooo good.
Robby likes to stretch during his breakfast.
And apparently, he also likes to eat naked. :)
Joseph's been sick with a cold all week.
So the i-pad has been his friend.
He is mastering Pac-Man in his spare time.

Have a good day, friends!
Sorry if this post was totally random. :)

Now, I am going to go make myself some coffee.



  1. I hope the cold passes you by!

    Love the pendants! You WERE productive. Cute kids! I love the stretch!


  2. Hope you feel better soon! Such a sweet stretch!! Hope Joseph feels better soon,too! Blessings, Heather

  3. don't apologize! I love it!

  4. Sorry you are not feeling's TOO early for colds!! Love the "blue skies" pendant....I was just remarking to my youngest at the amazing deep blue of our late summer/early autumn sky.

    Still wishing I could go to your Harvest Fest! (anything with "fest" on the end has such a "festive" ring to it!) I love fall!

  5. To boost your immune system, try either Sambucol or elderberry juice. Both may be purchased at a health food store and both help boost your immune system. Dave would take Sambucol to relieve or prevent colds; he swore by it.
    Feel better soon!

  6. i have yet to make my own bread!

    and cute shirt. and gorgeous charms/pendants, I so love mine:)

  7. Praying for the cold to STAY AWAY!(and I'm impressed the pj pants didn't stay on while fighting a cold- I know if it was me, I'd give in there!)
    Love you friend!



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