Tuesday, September 11, 2012

thriving, not just surviving

I normally don't do blog posts about what I wear. Mostly because, let's be honest, I'm usually in my sweats or plaid pajama pants. And also, because I am not that happy with how I look these days. I've needed to lose 20-25 pounds for about a year now. It's been a rough year (getting better now), and I have a tendency to eat not-so-good-for-me foods when I'm down. So, this past year has been filled with lots of chocolate and chips.

The youngest three kiddos have been fighting a cold since Friday, and I've had watery eyes and a runny nose this morning.  I watched this Joyce Meyer video earlier as I ate my breakfast today, and it motivated me to get off my rear end and get moving. And more importantly, get dressed. I washed my face, put make up on, and did my hair. And I put on a very cute (at least I think it's cute :)) outfit on. And now, I feel 100% better. I know that when I make the effort to get up and ready for the day (just like I used to when I went to my job at a radio station before I had kids), I have a much more productive day. Just because I am home all day with the kids does not mean that I have to look like a slob. Can I get an amen?! :) I want my kids to remember me in other clothes beside my plaid pajama pants and oversized cardigan!

Dress - vintage, bought at a thrift store I think, like 15 years ago
Belt - vintage, plundered from my husband's belt collection. 
             (yes, this belt is his. :) what can I say, he likes colors... )
Earrings - by me :) (you can get them, too - here)

seriously love this belt.
i think i'm going to steal it from Clint.

After looking at these photos, I realized that I totally had a leaf theme going on.
Leaf print on the dress, screenprinted leaf on my headwrap, and leaf earrings! And I didn't even try to make that happen! I guess, I've got fall on the brain!! :)

Oh, and I spent like 15 minutes last night finally plucking my eyebrows. They were in dire need!

So, I am hoping that this little effort I put forth today will motivate me to take my job as stay-at-home mommy more seriously. I want to be productive. I want to be excellent in all things. I don't want to be lazy or do the bare minimum just to survive.

I don't want to just survive. I want to THRIVE.

And in case you're wondering, the first thing I did after I got all dolled up for the day?
I got down on my knees and changed a poopy diaper. :)

(So, for all of you out there reading this that are still in your pajamas - come join me today! 
Go put on a cute outfit, put some make on, and do your hair. 
I promise - you'll feel better and more ready to conquer your day! :)

We can do this, guys!

We are more than conquerors through Him who loves us!!

(Romans 8:37)

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  1. I love this post! I was just today telling a friend that I put make up on every.single.day. She wondered why? Cause I scare even myself in the mirror without it!
    Love the outfit, and the headwrap is so sweet! I always want to wear those kinds of things, but feel like I look like a big dork in them. And they always slide off my head:( Plus, I wear glasses...
    I think you look darling and I would just say good-bye to those sweats or pj's if you look this dang cute with just a teeny bit of effort!

  2. Such a sweet outfit, and I love the belt and earrings!!! Have a great day! Blessings, Heather

  3. The eyebrows look nice! And the outfit is very cute. I just got out of the shower (finally...it's 12:30 here), and am headed to the grocery store...maybe I'll put on some makeup! HA! It's a good thing I didn't put on any earlier though, because I've been a weepy mess about 9/11 this morning. Thanks for the encouragement today.

  4. You look lovely :-). A message for us all to try and get up and get dressed and move on with the day. I suffer from a chronic illness so I spend many days too ill to get dressed but the days I make the effort I do feel better about myself and have a more positive out look. Thank you for sharing.

  5. LOVE the outfit!

  6. thankyou Lora!! Steal it!! :)
    love you so much!!

  7. love this post, Lora!
    i agree - i think as busy moms putting effort into our appearance is important. a little effort goes a long way! i always feel better with makeup on. i live in jeans & tees, but if i pair it with some makeup and earrings - i at least feel put together.
    and i love the earrings too! ....that's why i bought my own pair and they are so fun & cute. perfect for fall!


  8. love this post, lora! and your outfit. you look super cute. :) and i love that you changed a diaper right away... totally my life. :)

  9. absolutely adorable you look, stunning! I love that head wrap, and that belt and dress, ALL of it!!! Especially your smile and how good I can see you feel...

    there is a new Switchfoot song called Thrive, you gotta look it up:)

  10. Darling, is there a mother alive who couldn't do with losing 25lbs? Ok, maybe some obnoxious celebrities, but they have nannie's and personal trainers and the mothers who aren't famous and shrink back into shape (soule mama springs to mind, doesn't she look amazing for a mama of 5?), well, they have good genes!
    For the rest of us, those 25lbs probably keep us sane, everyone knows chocolate at the end of a long day is a tonic.
    Anyway, you look fabulous, FABULOUS, and I would steal the belt from hubby too.
    Btw, if I didn't have to leave the house I would slob too, in fact there was a time when I didn't, and I lived in voluminous, tired, holey, maternity dresses (long after I expelled the bump) and rain boots! Thank for visiting my blog, it lead me back to yours, which is wonderful!

  11. Diane3:41 PM

    As a 69 year old grandmother, married for 47+ years, for all of you young wives and/or mothers, I would like to add that the most important reason to get dressed and put on that make-up each day is for your husband, who fell in love with you wearing that make-up and dressing up. Even if you don't get to see him a lot during the day, and he doesn't mention it, believe me it is important.

  12. I LOVE that outfit. I'm trying to get dressed up more too, especially as I gain all this baby weight. It sure does lift my spirits as my tummy grows. You look amazing!

  13. I'll give you an amen!



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