Thursday, September 27, 2012

thoughts on connection (over a cup of tea)

This morning I enjoyed a lovely cup of tea sent to me by my sweet friend Jen.
I made sure to set out a pretty vintage tablecloth and use my good wedding china.
Jen's sweet note with a little bag of " Tea for Two" :)

When I sat down to drink my tea, Robby came up to the table with an empty coffee cup to sit with me. How precious is that?!

I had a wonderful quiet time with Jesus reading a 100 year old book called,
"Quiet Talks on Prayer" by S.D. Gordon

Jen lives in Washington, but we were able to share our tea time together today at the same time (her at 8am and me at 11am). So fun! I am so blessed to call her friend!


God showed me some really neat things this morning as I was reading about prayer and then praying afterward. I spent some time really praying about Harvest Fest and asking the Lord what HE wanted from my time at my booth.
As I sought Him and waited before Him, He so clearly spoke to me. 

I heard one word - CONNECTION.

And as I prayed into that, I began to realize that that is really what it's all about.
Connecting with people.
And more importantly, connecting people to GOD.

So, that is my heart's desire for this conference. 
Not to make a bunch of money. 
Not to find favor with people. 
Not to have the best and "coolest" looking booth there. 

But to be in the business of making connections
Bringing people into the presence of Jesus.

Allowing Him to take full control. 
To communicate His powerful love through these tiny works of my (eager) hands. 

Oh, Lord, would you do that?

Would YOU be the best part of my booth?
Would YOUR presence invade my space?
Would YOU change hearts and lives?


(My sweet blogging buddies ~
I would LOVE for you to agree with me in prayer about all of this.
I am so filled with expectancy and anticipation!
It's going to be an amazing three days!) 

Thank you so much!!


  1. That is such a great idea!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  2. Praying in agreement with you Lora-
    and can I just say I am SO honored to have 'shared' tea with you (and Robby) this morning? I really feel blessed by our connection- miles make no difference! :) Love you!

  3. what a sweet little gift, and such a neat idea to have tea at the same time even though you're not together :)



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