Tuesday, September 18, 2012

ruth's first haircut!

Well, we finally took the plunge! Ruth got her very first haircut last night. I can't believe we waited so long. She was scared when we got to the salon and while her hair was being washed, but she settled down and by the time she was sitting in the big chair and could see herself in the mirror, she was fine. In fact, I think she quite enjoyed herself. I was a big ball of emotions, however. :) I shed a few tears when the hair started falling to the floor. My baby girl is all grown up!

not quite knowing what to expect


(her expressions right after she got her bangs cut were hilarious! she didn't recognize herself! :) )

getting a bob

i think she likes it!

yeah, she likes it :) a lot.

                              before                                                                           after!

getting the bangs evened out a little more

ruth and lauren 
(she's the girl that cuts my hair too - she did a great job with ruth!)

me and my sweet girl
i love her so much!


  1. Oh, how sweet!! She looks absolutely adorable!

  2. Aaawww! I love the pictures! She is a cutie!

  3. So sweet and absolutely gorgeous!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  4. Oh my... she looks adorable! What a great cut on her.

  5. That is a great cut; I love bob's, wear one myself.

  6. I can't imagine taking my little sunshine for a haircut. I think I'll be holding back some tears, too! That face - after she got bangs? Hilarious!!!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous, and my goodness she is SO like you, two peas in a pod, your very own mini me <3

  8. How adorable! Love her facial expressions! =)

  9. So So So pretty..both of YOU!!! Wahoo!



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