Monday, September 17, 2012

more patchwork baby quilts

Harvest Fest is only 18 days away! My hands have certainly been quite eager these days. I've been very busy sewing and making jewelry to put in my booth. But, it's fun work, and it truly makes me happy. The past week or so has been filled with sewing patchwork baby quilts. I've been praying as I sew that these blankets will be like spiritual coverings for the little ones that will be cuddling with them. I ask the Lord as I sew that He would cover the babies with His sweet presence and peace every time they are covered up with the blanket to keep them warm. It fills my heart with such joy to be able to lift up these little ones to Him. And He's already picked out who each of these blankets is for! That is so amazing to me.

Here are the finished quilts so far - there are four (I already blogged about one of them last Monday). I've still got three more, already cut and arranged. They just need to be sewn together. So, my goal is to have seven total at my booth.  

stacks of freshly made patchwork baby blankets!

this one features all unique calico prints

colorful, huh?!

something about these fabrics reminds me of pioneer days, specifically Little House on the Prairie. :)
(this blanket is backed with a soft creme colored flannel)

this one has all my favorite vintage bed linen prints, mostly in greens and yellows.

my new labels!! (i ordered them from this etsy shop)

love this!!
(this one's also backed with soft creme colored flannel)

and this one is so happy and bright!
(it reminds me of orange sherbet, for some reason...)

i added a bit of vintage peach lace trim on the front to give it a little extra something. :)

the backing is a soft pink and white print


Hope y'all have a great week! 

I am going to be busy busy making things for Harvest Fest. 
I'd appreciate your prayers for strength and grace!

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  1. Oh my I am soo in love with these!! I want to have them all!! :)



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