Friday, September 21, 2012

garlands of grace

I love garlands. I've got several in my house on the walls, on the windows, and draping over the tops of mirrors. They make me smile. A few weeks ago, I woke up in the middle of the night with the phrase "garlands of grace" in my head. And I had this idea of making simple little garlands for Harvest Fest with a card that has the scripture in Proverbs about garlands of grace.  I love it when God wakes me up like that to inspire me. He's so creative, isn't He?!

Anyway, I found some wonderful vintage twine on etsy and have been happily stringing lots of garlands with little squares that I've been sewing with vintage fabric.  I asked my Aunt Kathy (who lives in CA) if she'd like to draw the card. She is an amazing artist, and I knew she would come up with something just beautiful!  I received the cards yesterday in the mail, and I love them! They're exactly what I was envisioning! And the neat part too is that whoever buys the garland will also get a wonderful scripture card to frame or put on their refrigerator or whatever. :)

I've got about five made so far, but I want to make about 20 total for Harvest Fest. I've got some really cute ideas in my brain for the others. I bought some cute autumn leaf fabric last night and I'm going to pair it with burlap for a fall garland. And I also have some adorable schoolhouse/ABC fabric that I'm gonna use to make a school themed garland. I thought that homeschooling moms might like to have one to put in their schoolroom. And the best part of all in these little garlands is that they can be a constant reminder of GRACE. And also how important it is to seek the wisdom of God in your life. I've been praying as I sew them up that they would be a tangible reminder of just that.



  1. OK I loveeeee everything that you make!!! Love all the fabric you use for these and the baby blankets!!! <3

  2. Anonymous2:08 AM


    Have you ever seen this shop? They also have an etsy- it's one of my all time favorites! Just thought I'd share : )
    be blessed!



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